The following video clips are from an interview with Ralph J. Ribble, SKV/3c,2c. Video is courtesy of the estate of R. J. Ribble – used with permission.

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  1. Bradley Tometich says:

    I loved hearing these stories! My father, Daniel R Tometich was onboard the USS Cumberland Sound during WWII, and was onboard when they entered Tokyo Bay. He loved to tell stories about his days on the ship. Thank you, Ralph J. Ribble, and the estate of R. J. Ribble for sharing.

  2. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Bradley. I have added your father’s name to the ship’s roster that we have posted here.

  3. Dave Whisenhunt says:

    Thanks so much for this site. Was visiting my Uncle Leonard Whisenhunt today and he told me he was aboard the Cumberland Sound during the war. He is well into his nineties now. Gotta show him this site!

  4. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thanks, Dave! Among the things that I hope for this site, having it seen by men who served on her is at the top of the list. That makes it all worthwhile. If there are any stories or photos or anything that he can add to the site, it would be an honor to do so. Please pass along our warmest greetings to him.

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