Small Groups and Individuals page 3

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"Red" the air officer, 1945


Brown, Mack (William McGehee), and Doc Dennison on the island of Mog Mog

Lt. J. B. Garrett on board the USS Cumberland Sound, AV-17

Call and Wade

"Red" the air officer


Part of the crew in officer's quarters, 1944


The doctors - Bernard, Dennison, McCarthy - aboard the USS Cumberland Sound AV-17

"Hot Dope Hall" - USS Cumberland Sound AV-17, 1945

The Skipper (right) and an inspector, Hilo Bay, 1944


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12 Responses to Small Groups and Individuals page 3

  1. Boyd mekelburg says:

    I’m looking for any info on john p Bauer aom aboard the uss cumberland sound

  2. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    I just took a quick look through the list of names in my father’s journal, but there was no Bauer listed there. I keep hoping that I’ll hear from someone who is on that list. I hope you’re able to find some information on him!


    My Uncle, Charles (Sonny) Hagenbaugh served on the Cumberland Sound. He was killed on leave in Los Angeles 1946 after being hit by a car. If you need more info let me know. thank you

  4. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thanks for the addition, Steve. If you have any other info about him, please add it on the Making Connections page – . If I could see into the future and knew what kind of information we might eventually compile here on this site, there would probably be a more efficient way to do it. Unfortunately, that isn’t one of my talents. Hopefully someone will see his name here and have something to add.

  5. Rick Wingo says:

    My father, Marvin (“Tex”) Wingo was an aircraft mechanic on the AV-17 and was aboard at the surrender in Tokyo Bay which he once described to me. Have you any info on the crew? Most of your information appears to be about the officers. Thanks.

  6. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thanks for checking in. I’m adding your father to the ship’s roster – . Everything I have is posted on the site, so I’m afraid that I have nothing else to offer regarding the crew. My goal is to eventually have the names and stories of every man who served aboard the Cumberland Sound. If you have any photos or papers you’d like to share, please let me know so we can get them uploaded.

  7. Paul "J" Dunn, former ETM 1/c says:

    I’m a plank owner; boarded in Tacoma Todd Pacific Ship Yard. Was on board in Tokyo Bay at time of surrender ceremonies. I have the 1945 Anniversary Edition with crew photos by division, but no names. I added names of C Division members. (I don’t “upload!” I could send copies of pages by “snail mail” to someone interested.

  8. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Since I first set this web site up, I have been hoping to have a Cumberland Sound crew member check in. There are so many questions I have to ask! I’m sending you an email with my address if there is anything that you’d like to have added here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    I’ve added your name to the roster that I’m compiling – . I see there is a “C. L. Dunn” listed there; was he related to you?

  9. Doran Cooper says:

    I remember my Dad telling me about MogMog. They had a fence that seperated the enlisted men area from the officers area. And after drinking formaldehyde beer for too long in the hot sun, a fight would break out in the enlisted area, and eventually spread across the fence into the officers area, ha, he would laugh his tail feathers off when he talked about that. That and a few other stories he told, but not too many. I remember I asked him about kamakasi attacks, he said they were pretty scary and that their sister ship had gotten hit by a kamikasi attack.

  10. Nancy Stone says:

    My Dad, William J. Gross was part of the crew on the Cumberland Sound at the surrender in Tokyo Bay.

  11. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. One of the projects on my “to do” list is to include the complete ship muster. I have started the research but haven’t had the time yet. In the mean time, however, I have added his name to the spreadsheet (link on the Officers and Crew page).

    If you have any information, scanned photos, etc., that you’d like to add, please let me know. It’s not just about the ship, but about the men on the ship.

  12. Barry Mauntel says:

    My father, Stan Mauntel, served on Cumberland Sound in ’46. Trying to contact anyone who may have known him.. Barry Mauntel

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