These are notes about the Cumberland Sound (as well as some more generic information) that could easily be lost if not written down.

Those manning the ships were divided into divisions:

  • “C” Division = communications: Radio operators, signalmen, Radar operators, electronic technicians.
  • “V” is the easiest – stands for aviation, like AV for tenders – A for auxiliary (not front-line ships) —CV aircraft carriers.
  • Cumberland Sound had two V Divisions – V-1 worked on board AV-17 maintaining equipment and working space while V-2 worked on the seaplanes themselves, either on board or at anchor, keeping “the squadron’s planes available for flight.” AVP – small tender (P for patrol)

(Thanks to Paul “J” Dunn, former ETM 1/c for this information.)

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Welcome to the U.S.S. Cumberland Sound

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