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Do you have letters, journals, or memoirs that were written by an officer or crew of the U.S.S. Cumberland Sound? Nothing helps put history in perspective like first-hand accounts. If you have something that would fit in with this, please consider allowing us to publish it here. Use the Contact page for details.

Letter from Lt. William Clay McGehee to his sister, Edna. Heading for the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Harbor.

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4 Responses to Memoirs, Journals, and Letters

  1. Anne Ribble says:

    I want to see the material you have on Ralph J. Ribble, our uncle.

  2. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Anne – everything we have is here – . It’s on the menu item that drops down under Memoirs, Journals, and Letters. Also, click on the Video menu item.

  3. Ira Nichols says:

    My father “James E. Nichols” (still living) was deployed to Bikini Atoll on the USS Cumberland as a Division Petty Officer. I’ll ask him the year and months of his deployment. I’ll search your site for pictures but was wondering if you have searchable list of names with dates?

  4. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    No, I’m afraid not. I keep intending to get the full ship’s roster and post it. I’ll move that up a bit higher on my “To do” list and hopefully get it added soon. Thank you for writing, and please pass along my deep appreciation for his service.

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