Life at sea

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Loafing and writing in the shade on board the USS Cumberland Sound AV-17. Ulithi, 1945

Liberty party coming aboard USS Cumberland Sound AV-17 from Mog Mog.

Volleyball game on the sea plane deck of the USS Cumberland Sound AV-17.

Divine Services on the well deck forward at Ulithi. USS Cumberland Sound AV-17

Celebration on board the USS Cumberland Sound AV-17. 26 March 1945

Crew entertaining on board the USS Cumberland Sound AV-17.

End of the day - USS Cumberland Sound AV-17

Meritorious Mast - USS Cumberland Sound AV-17

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Welcome to the U.S.S. Cumberland Sound

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  1. Dan Baer says:

    My Dad, Lester Baer, talked about a time when some sailors drowned when one of the launch boats had some sort of accident. I saw it mentioned in one of the crew’s papers. It made him angry that they had no life jackets on. He also spoke about movies on the deck and how a Japanese plane crashed into the island one night while they were watching a movie. He was older when he told these stories and had some dementia, so I questioned his memory. Nice to see he really remembered.

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