Captain Grant

We are looking for any information about Captain Grant, and hopefully contact with his descendants. Here is what we have at this point:
• Born 17 June 1902 in Chicago, IL
• Died 22 May 1988 in Belvedere, Marin County, CA
• Married to Margaret Elizabeth Babb
• One daughter, name unknown

Captain E. Grant – Commanding Officer of the USS Cumberland Sound (AV-17)

James Henry Etheridge Grant from the 1926 yearbook – US Naval Academy, Annapolis.

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2 Responses to Captain Grant

  1. Louis Dorny, Commander, USNR (ret.) says:

    I can add a few details. He was USNA ’26, a naval aviator, and in 1940 XO, then CO in mid-1941 of William B. Preston (AVD 7) with Patrol Wing TEN in the Asiatic Fleet, through mid-1942, a very challenging period. The Naval Institute has a transcript of an extensive 1970 oral history. I’m aware that he lived for many years in Ojai, Ventura Country, California post-retirement.

    For publication purposes I seek a service portrait of LCDR Grant when commanding Preston if I can find one; failing that I’d like permission to use the one above when commanding Cumberland Sound. Please advise.

    Any familiar with his wartime service in William B. Preston are invited to contact me.

  2. Stephen Clay McGehee says:

    Thank you, Commander Dorny. Please feel free to use any photos you find here that might be useful to you. I keep hoping to find any living descendants who might be able to add something to the record. Best wishes to you, sir, on your project.

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