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The following two links will take you to a list of scanned pages from the Cumberland Sound Muster Rolls. These originated with the National Archives and are provided through (full access to that site requires a paid subscription). Available years for the Cumberland Sound are 1944 – 1947.

1944 Muster Roll (146 pages)
1947 Muster Roll (8 pages)

The following is taken from web site and describes the information found on Navy Muster Rolls:

This database contains U.S. Navy muster rolls and associated reports of changes for U.S. Navy enlisted personnel who served on U.S. Navy ships or in other naval activities between 31 January 1938 and 31 December 1949. Over 33 million records are contained in this database.

Muster rolls were quarterly lists of enlisted naval personnel attached to each ship, station or activity. Information usually available on muster rolls includes:

Name of enlistee
Rating (occupation/specialty)
Service number
Date reported for particular duty or on board
Date of enlistment
Name of ship, station or activity
Ship number or other numeric designation
Date of muster roll

It will be necessary to view the image of the muster rolls in order to obtain most of this information. Some of the records for personnel on aircraft carriers also include corresponding images of the ship.

Reports of changes were compiled monthly and are found in between each quarter’s muster roll. They were alphabetical listings of enlisted personnel who were subject to significant status changes during the month. Status changes included reporting to or transferring from the activity, promotions or demotions, change in rate, departing for or returning from leave, temporary attached duty, and formal inpatient status for treatment in a medical facility. Personnel deaths that occurred during the month were also recorded on these reports. Information usually available on these records includes:

Name of enlistee
Date of the change
Explanation of the change

The rolls may also list passengers aboard naval vessels, and officers may be found among passengers on troop transports. Women (including officers) of the Army and Navy Nurse Corps may be found on medical ships and as passengers aboard Navy ships and at some Navy shore installations. Wives and children of Navy personnel, as well as civilians, can be found among passengers as well.

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